Get inspired to create the sleek at-home oasis of your dreams

The minimalist spirit of modern design makes for some seriously stunning bathrooms. Clean lines, glossy surfaces, and an inherent airiness set the stage, but where you take this less-is-more framework is entirely up to you. We gathered our favorite modern bathrooms across five distinct interpretations to showcase how dynamic this style can be.

Balanced and Rich

The epitome of classic modern pairs white with dark wood to create a space that gleams, yet feels grounded. Light-catching materials like marble, porcelain, and melamine tend to dominate the space. These varying shades of white blanket the walls, countertops, and other finishes.

Heavily grained woods then infuse subtle visual interest, and their deep tones accentuate linear forms (think floating vanities, shelves, or wall trim). The flooring choice will tilt the balancing act to one end—hardwood or wood-look lean rich, while large neutral tiles lighten it up.

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Sparkly White

While layering white on white may look effortless, it takes plenty of thought to make it come off that way. Not enough texture and the room falls flat. Too many nuanced shade variations and it feels disjointed.

Simple streamlined vanities are the natural place to spotlight white in its purest, high-gloss form—and chrome hardware only plays up the shine factor. Glass, mirrors, and more chrome accents with the same reflective finish create cohesion throughout. Inject much-needed dimension by picking the right tile material, like striated Carrera marble, or by creating it during installation with inlaid patterns like herringbone or an obvious vertical stack.

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Accented with Color

Modern doesn’t have to mean stark, and these vibrant bathrooms are here to prove it. These designs work because the color isn’t merely for show—it’s smartly interwoven to create a desired effect.

Purposeful use of an accent color or two (yes, black counts) instantly banishes an impersonality that can sneak in modern designs, but also naturally directs the eye. Strong horizontal lines make a space feel larger, and can be used to draw attention outward to a stunning view. Color can also help make the room feel more cohesive, especially if there’s a blocky layout; carry a hue from sink to shower for flow, or establish a central focus.

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Natural Warmth

In a refreshing ode to raw beauty, this rustic-meets-cutting-edge interpretation features wood that’s far warmer and lighter than your standard modern go-tos—but flaunts a heavy grain. Warm neutrals sub in for crisp white, but the look still embraces defined lines and a restrained hand.

To keep this approach in the modern realm, focus on crisp linear forms, as the raw elements naturally bring in texture. Counter the atypical tones with the usual suspects of accents: chrome, mirrors, and white porcelain.

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Fresh Takes

We love seeing where modern designs will go next—and it’s hard to go wrong when spinning slightly off of the standard conventions. Restraint is essential to a successful final look: Pick one place to diverge from the norm, not all of them. This single swap-out allows for the overall intention to remain clear while letting your fresh touch shine.

Go big with your one statement, like changing out all-white stone for one that features creams, tans, and grays. Or make a big impact with a small change, opting for brass instead of the cooler chrome. And do be afraid to blend decades—mixing in a mid-century vibe or selecting vintage-inspired hardware only highlights the sleekness.

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