10 Huge Tips for Small Bathroom Remodels
Follow these 9 huge tips for small bathroom remodels and you’ll come out with a stunning bathroom with the feel of a bathroom much larger in size.

Tips for small bathroom remodels: Load up on storage

Decorative cabinets, linen towers, and shelving are great for adding storage and style to your space.

Let there be light

A comprehensive lighting plan can have a big impact in small spaces.   Choose your vanity lights carefully.

Tips for small bathroom remodels: Reflect yourself

Mirrors and medicine cabinets reflect light and visually expand small bathrooms.

Floating Vanity or a Pedestal Sink

floating vanity
Small bathrooms seem less cramped when you open up the floor space.  Floating vanity always impresses.

Reduce Clutter

reduce clutter
Reduce clutter and free up counter space with wall-mounted accessories.

Tips for small bathroom remodels: Colors

Small bathrooms are the perfect spaces to experiment with color.

Install Diagonal Floor Tiles

floor tiles
Create visual interest by installing tiles on the diagonal.

Create a Focal Point

Focus Point
Give small spaces big style with on-trend fixtures and decor.

Frameless Shower

framless showers
Avoid visual breaks, like shower frames, to make your space look bigger.  Frameless showers also look great.