We decorate the rest of our house for the season… why does our bathroom have to miss out on that?

It doesn’t have to!

We are going to share with you some inspiration with 7 creative harvest decor ideas for your bathroom, that is sure to get you off your feet and decorating your bathroom for this Thanksgiving season.

There is no time that will be wasted, we are going to jump right to the creative ideas so that you can get back to dreaming about all the amazing food you’ll be eating on Thanksgiving.

#1 Harvest themed bathroom accessory sets

When it comes to decorate sometimes just a small focus is all that is needed. Things themed around pumpkins, turkeys, leaves, and other harvest based themes will do great.


#2 Fall leaves themed bathroom decor

The fall leaves are beautiful. Maybe that is an inspiration to you for decorating your bathroom. There are some great themed decor for the bathroom in this style.


#3 Pumpkin themed bathroom decor

When you think of the Autumn harvest, pumpkins are always a part of that. So why not incorporate that into your bathroom decor in the fall? Here are some great bathroom decor options for just that.


#4 Owl Autumn leaves themed bathroom decor

For those that love owls or love the artsy owl decor themes, this Autumn inspired decor for your bathroom is right up you alley.


#5 Autumn and Fall themed bathroom candles

Let the smell of fall hit your bathroom air, plus add a touch of decor to any bathroom.


#6 Fall scented bathroom soap

These soaps are really great and will have anyone leaving the bathroom loving the smell of fall on their hands.


#7 Fall scented wax melts for the bathroom

The simple fragrance from these fall scented wax melts will lend themselves to you receiving complements about your bathroom when guests are over for Thanksgiving or just the fall season.


Taking the time to spruce up your bathroom doesn’t have to be a chore or something not even bothered with. It can be fun, inviting, and even simplistic when decorating your bathroom. Think up a great plan ahead of time, shop wisely, and only add the items that are in your plan to your decorating. Follow these tips and you will have a wonderful fall harvest themed bathroom in no time, maybe even in time for Thanksgiving.

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