5 Awesome IKEA Hacks

Anyone who is close enough to an IKEA is lucky to have high quality and stylish furniture for extremely affordable prices.  IKEA’s engineers have crafted beautiful pieces of furniture and decor for the modern home.  But some with a creative eye and handyman skills have developed “hacks” which extend the purpose for many of the furniture being sold.  After taking a look at these 5 awesome IKEA hacks, I think you’ll agree that these are perfect hacks that everyone should consider for their bathroom.

IKEA’s versatile Bekvam spice rack

These sprice racks are great for bathroom shelfs.  Give them a little paint and design your layout.

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IKEA Tealight Lantern

This latern gives a very rustic yet modern look and is great for holding bathroom acessories such as toliet paper.

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IKEA Fintorp Hangers with Steel Baskets

These hangers and baskets make a great edition for above the toilet items.  You can have magazines, toliet paper, towels and much more.

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IKEA Molger Shelf

Another great example of a shelf that can be used to hang anything.

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IKEA Runnen Tiles

Ingenious idea to get a spy like matt without paying hundreds of dollars.

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Always practical for anything.  You can even take out the side panels and replace with glass for a more elegant look.

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