Let’s face it any home remodel can get away from us and become a nightmare.

It doesn’t have to be that way… that is if we approach the project with some basic bathroom remodel tips.

If you have already started, possibly the issue of the project getting away from you has reared its ugly head.

Or you are getting ready to start and want to make sure you are starting on the right foot.

Either way I have 4 bathroom remodeling tips that will not only save you money, but also save you time.


#1 Start with a plan

The worst thing that you can do is start your bathroom remodel with no plan. You end up getting over your head fast. Even though it is a small space it has areas that can open up major repairs, by having no plan or guide.

That moment that you spend $500 to redo your shower, then you decide that you want to have them separate… there goes another grand if not more to do so. No one has time for that or the pockets to be throwing around money willy-nilly just for a bathroom remodel.

Make sure you have a game plan. You want the game plan to allow you to move from point A to B, ending with a great remodel.

This is the one bathroom remodel tip that if you ignore can really cost you the most money.

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#2 Simplicity may work better

Thinking simplicity is not good enough can be hard on the budget.

There are so many design options out there now, take the time to think about it.

Nine times out of ten what you want has a cheaper counter option that is more simplistic, but still appealing.

Don’t be afraid of simplicity. You may just surprise yourself on how awesome your bathroom looks going this route. Plus, your wallet just may thank you for staying within budget or even below budget.


#3 Sometimes fixing is the cheaper option

Something shiny and new is appealing at first. However, it dies quickly once you look at what it all costs to replace rather than fixing.

This is the second most important bathroom remodel tip.

When you replace something, sometimes it causes more costs. This is due to the area either needing moved or altered, just for it to fit or work in the space.

You also have to think about maneuvering material through your house just to get it in your bathroom. By going the fixing option you also eliminate that issue.

If you take the time to keep things in place, it will save you money. The other great thing, is that it allows you to customize more.

Here are just some ideas:

  • Refinishing the bathtub and or shower. Just by adding a simple tile to your bathtub and or shower you provide that updated look.
  • Taking the time to repaint, paint for the first time, or refacing cabinets can really save you money.
  • Sinks can sometimes be re-glazed for cheaper than replacing.
  • The same as sinks, your counter tops can also be refinished.
  • Maybe the tile is great, but the grout not so much… take the time to re-grout.

Before you go to replace, take the time to see if fixing it will cost you less.

#4 Think in terms of bathroom appropriate flooring

When it comes to the bathroom don’t just put in any type of flooring.

Yes, I know that laminate or carpet has made you fall in love with it. Don’t even think about it, just leave it for another room remodel in your house that isn’t a bathroom.

Why is that?

While laminate flooring can work, you don’t want it to be your first choice.

Remember the whole time you are looking at flooring options, think “bathroom”.

Your bathroom is the most trafficked area that has three sources of water. Water from the sink, toilet, and bathtub or shower. This water as we all know doesn’t always stay where it should.

You do not want water laying on laminate flooring or coming in contact with it too often. This will cause it to swell and come up or grow mold.

The same is with carpet, except it has a higher risk factor due to being an absorbent.

What are the best options to look at?

  • ceramic tile
  • sheet vinyl

Why is that?

It is simple.

These two materials excel in the bathroom, are the least expensive, and don’t require the high maintenance like some of their high-end counter parts. Plus, vinyl is easy to rip up. Making it the perfect options for changing the flooring in the future without hassle.

You can checkout all your vinyl flooring options that are budget friendly here.

While I had fun writing this article, I hope that you are able to walk away from it with some great ideas to save money on your bathroom remodel.

Do you have any bathroom remodel tips? Share them below in the comments. Also don’t forget to signup for our free bathroom accessories kit guide.